Summer 2021 has ended. Let’s have a thought about it and dream about the next one.

Let’s be clear: facts.

We are not going to feed the typical debate: “too many restrictions for the situation” VS “they are never enough to safe lives”. We are not going either to make any statement about our whole experience since beginning 2020, there are so many “not certificated” experts giving opinions, we could see it on ourselves or anywhere on the social media.

However it is a mature act to point out how the things were happening (and they were honestly happening, not a theory or conspiracy. Real facts from this summer).

Mainly, the venues that offered nightlife were restricted in terms of capacity, no dancefloor, only groups allocated on booked tables and mask while moving around. And that worked well as far as we know; some businesses could manage to move forward, the impact on the weekly data cases were going to green.

Green numbers / mixed behavior.

The worst moment was during summer first half of July, moment when the cases escalated aggressively, after that there was a free fall. Mandatory vaccination to enter into the country, plus some controversial measures were happening at that time (such closing language schools).

The fact is that green numbers were happening week after week. Thanks to all the restrictions?

There is no exact science that can confirm if yes or not; the fact is that those measures were there and the rate was getting better at that time. But other things were happening at the same time, and that was the amount of people gathering together, hundreds of people without masks without any social distance were happening daily; beaches, overpacked clandestine house parties, festa, the street of Paceville; and no offense to the authorities or who participated there, as I said before, just a fact. And it was like any other country with summer vibe, it happened the same almost everywhere, and the rates kept on getting better.

The ideal nightlife scenario.

It’s a pity that scenario for the safest nightlife or the safest events, that could to avoid those concentrations or keeping the party going on with the safest environment were restricted: the outdoor events and venues. Nightclubs located in the middle of the country side with plenty of space, open air and fresh breeze. The summer restrictions didn’t make feasible the right execution of those events; restrictions that should have been different for being such a different scenario. Another fact, differences are there. Different restrictions should have been applied.

At the moment of these words in October the situation is promising; experts say a small increase could happen as a natural winter consequence; but we should be facing the “most normal” summer in 2022 since all our lives changed in 2020. Hopefully a summer full of safe events and amazing fun.